Course Testimonials


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Course Testimonials

Here is a selection of quotes from people who’ve completed the Energy Healing courses in the UK.

“I can quite honestly say that doing the healing course was the most important decision I have ever taken. The lovely thing is that you don’t have to become a healing facilitator with a string of clients at the end of the training – you can do it just for yourself, and it adds insight and joy to your life.” - Jacqui

“I found the course entirely uplifting as I worked with like-minded people. It raised my energy levels and cleared my mind of unnecessary detritus. I wish it had lasted forever!” Jo

“The healing course was an important stepping stone for me and it continually informs and flavours much of my thinking and world view. I would not have missed out on this aspect of my life for anything.” Rowena

“Having had virtually no previous experiences of any spiritual or alternative healing, I was drawn to enrol on the course. It enabled me to deepen my understanding and practice of meditation, at the very core of the healing training, and find a way to integrate a spiritual element into my daily life that did not involve the church. I have now become part of a supportive and inclusive group of wonderful people and widened my horizons.” - Sheila

“I really enjoyed the healing classes. Not only did we learn a lot but we had loads of fun too and it felt that we were part of something special. We were cared for and supported all the way through the course, which allowed us to gain in confidence as our knowledge and understanding grew. There’s a real need for healing in the world right now and what we learnt on the course has given us a fantastic tool to help meet that need.” Vicky

“I found the course fascinating, informative, thought provoking and a major step and aid in my life’s journey with cancer.” Diane

“The healing course has really helped my own inner growth and expansion in such a positive way. I feel more open-minded and open-hearted and have a greater sense of balance in my life. The course content is a good mix of theory and practical, supported by a plethora of incredibly diverse books on body, mind and spirit from which to draw insight and understanding.” Karen

“I am very sceptical of healing courses claiming you can become a ‘master’ in a weekend, so the depth and duration of the Energy Healing course really appealed to me. Each weekend we studied became a precious retreat for me. I learnt so much, and use the work daily to enhance my life and also to help others. It has been truly life changing.” Susannah'

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